Makkah-Madinah High Speed Railway

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Design, construction and installation of track and systems superstructure and workshops at Makkah and Madinah

Renfe Operadora is involved in Phase 2 of the Project carried out in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia known as Haramain High Speed Railway, which includes the construction and operation of a High Speed Railway Line between the cities of Makkah and Madinah. This Phase 2 of the Project involves the design, construction and installation of track and systems superstructure and workshops, as well as the procurement of rolling stock.

Renfe Operadora is responsible for the design, construction and equipment of the two rolling stock maintenance workshops that will serve the Line. One of them will be located near Makkah Station, and the other one will be near Madinah Station. Additionally, and before the commencement of the operation, Renfe Operadora shall perform several works to prepare this latter, such as selection and training of driving staff, on board services and ground services, among others. In order to implement these works, Renfe Operadora shall contract works and provide supplies and services in Saudi Arabia. As for the operations to be executed by Renfe in the Kingdom, the company has established a permanent establishment officially registered in this country: Renfe Saudi Arabia Branch.

Offshoring (meaning foreign country that does not belong to the European Union) by Renfe Operadora (or one of its branches), of works, services or supplies that are to be executed, delivered, used or consumed abroad shall be governed by the domestic law applicable in the foreign country.

So, hiring by Renfe Operadora Branch in Saudi Arabia will involve works, services and supplies that are to be executed, delivered, used or consumed in Saudi Arabia and shall be governed by the national law applicable in that country, subject to compliance with Spanish Law on certain issues (see Chapter II of Title VIII of the ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTION IN-SGC-001/08 Rev. 1, INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGULATING RENFE OPERADORA CONTRACTING PROCEDURES). In addition, General Terms and Conditions of Renfe Operadora shall not apply to the contracts entered into and executed abroad (since the former are consistent with Spanish Legislation applicable to contracts made and executed in Spain).


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