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Renfe Corporate Responsibility

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The main obligation and responsibility of Renfe as a railway operator is to transport passengers and goods under the safety principle, with a clear customer orientation, the highest quality, efficiency, profitability and innovation, based on a commitment to society and the development of its employees. Therefore, the organization applied a business management model based on a strong commitment to the development of its employees, society and environment, through a strategy that promotes sustainability, culture and ethics, reaching all company’s levels and all its fields of action.

The company has designed and developed a Corporate Responsibility Strategy called 'A Train of Renfe Values' in recent years in order to continually boost its commitment to its stakeholders. This train goes beyond the economic and qualitative objectives of any company, considering also the social, environmental, cultural and ethical aspects.

As far as this train of values is concerned, Renfe has chosen four axes for the development of the Social Responsibility actions of the company. These actions are reflected in four voluntary commitments:


In parallel, Renfe takes into account these four axes of the "A train of Renfe values" strategy for the development of its actions and sponsorship activities. Renfe collaborates with events and cultural activities, sports events or educational competitions, such as sponsorship actions, especially facilitating the transfer in trains or reinforcing the notoriety of the event through the communication and promotion channels of the company.

What is CSR?

A company is socially responsible when it responds satisfactorily to the interest groups expectations on their operation".

CSR Expert Forum - Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The European Commission has proposed a new definition of CSR: "The responsibility of companies for their impact on society".

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