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We invite you to discover Zaragoza, a monumental city with over 2,000 years of history that hoards a representation of civil and religious architecture declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Prepare yourself to walk through Zaragoza with four cultures that have evolved into the style of life that now characterises the city and its people. Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians have left their marks in the form of living heritage and have shaped the singular personality of this city that opens its arms to all its visitors.

The warmth of its people, the varied gastronomy, the tapas, which can reach amazing levels of originality and creativity, will fill your visit with unforgettable moments.

There are many corners not to be missed if you visit Zaragoza.

The Basilíca del Pilar, one of the most important Catholic pilgrim centres; La Seo, La Aljafería, the Pablo Gargallo Museum, El Patio de la Infanta and, of course, the entire artistic legacy of the famous Goya. Furthermore, the modern city reveals itself through its new icons, fruit of the legacy of the 2008 International Exhibition, together with the new museums such as the MUDIZ (Diocesan Museum) and the Fire Museum.

Easy to visit, Zaragoza is a city that skilfully combines the past with the future, tradition with modernity, placing within your reach such an abundant heritage that enables you to make the most of all the themes of your stay.

You could begin by visiting La Seo or the San Salvador Cathedral and its variety of styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Don’t miss the detail on the wall of the Parroquieta on its outer left side, the gothic main altarpiece or the Tapestry Museum, one of the best in the world.

After seeing La Seo, we enter the Diocesan Museum to admire the architecture of the Archbishop’s Palace, converted into a museum in order to house its heritage splendour.

Between the Diocesan Museum and El Pilar, we find La Lonja, an elegant civil renaissance building that accommodates interesting exhibitions.

Once you are inside the Basílica del Pilar, move closer to see the Santa Capilla. At the back of it you can see the jasper pillar: A very deep-rooted custom among the people of Zaragoza is to kiss it to venerate the Virgin. The altarpiece of the main altar made from alabaster is of an exquisite beauty, as are the Goya fresques that you will find as you look up towards the domes. If you climb up the tower, you will see the city from a different perspective.

As you go up the Calle Don Jaime to the Calle San Jorge, you will reach the Caesaraugusta Roman Theatre Museum, a vestige of how important Zaragoza was during the Roman epoch, as it was one of the largest theatres in the whole of Hispania.

In the same zone, there are plenty of restaurants serving tapas and traditional Aragon dishes, so it is a good place and occasion to recover your strength.

Several bus and tram routes will take you to the José Antonio Labordeta Park, where you can relax and take a walk or bicycle ride amidst its fountains and paths. The Batallador lookout provides a magnificent panoramic view of Zaragoza.

After visiting the park, we recommend that you visit the Aljafería, where you can take a guided visit or enjoy this magnificent Muslim palace on your own. It is currently the headquarters of the Courts of Aragon.

Upon return to the city centre and to finish the walk, we arrive at the Patio de la Infanta, situated in Calle San Ignacio de Loyola, an Aragon jewel of the Renaissance. Walking through the streets in this part of the city will bring you close to the daily life of the people of Zaragoza, as it is one of the most popular commercial areas.

Zaragoza is much more, but you’ll discover that for yourself.

Oficina de Turismo de Aragón

Estación de Zaragoza Delicas
Avda. de Navarra, 80
50011 Zaragoza
Email: Oficina de Turismo Estación Zaragoza Delicias



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