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Renfe & Tú Contactless Card

Renfe & Tú enables faster access to platforms by providing quicker validation, thus reducing queues to enter and exit the platform. You just need to touch the card against the reader located on the top of the turnstiles

Commercial features

Renfe is putting two types of card into service, personal and non-personal. Both can be requested at customer service points at any station, upon payment of the 2 €charge. The non-personal card can also be requested as a cardboard card for 50€ cents.

This multi-trip ticket must be topped up on a ”Renfe&tú” Contactless Card. They may be requested at any station open to the public and belonging to the Cercanías network in Asturias.

The personal card carries the printed name, photo, ID number of the holder and the passenger code number. It will permit all currently available tickets to be loaded to it, including those that require personalisation. It will also allow the tickets to be reloaded in case of loss. The non-personal card will be used for tickets that do not require personalisation.

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