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The quiet car is our initiative to allow you to enjoy a relaxed journey in a space where:

  • Mobile telephone conversations are not allowed.
  • Headphones must be used to listen to audio or video, and always at a volume that does not bother other passengers. Headphones are not provided in this car.
  • All electronic devices must be set to Silent.
  • Only loudspeaker messages essential for service reasons will be broadcast.
  • In order to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, the lighting will dimmed whenever possible, and the car will be kept at a comfortable temperature.
  • Passengers must respect the quiet atmosphere and speak only in a low voice, avoiding lengthy conversations.
  • The Snack Bar Cart and in-seat meal services are not available in this car.

In a first phase, Renfe will offer tickets in Tourist class at the same fare as for any other seat in the same class, i.e. at no additional cost to the passenger.

To guarantee service quality, the following exclusions apply:

  • No passengers under the age of 14 may travel in this car. .
  • Not applicable to the Table fare.
  • Not applicable to the Groups fare.
  • Passengers may not travel with pets.

Which trains offer a quiet car?

As of 7 July 2014, on AVE trains on the Madrid-Seville line. Starting 13 July 2014, progressively more AVE destinations will be added. Alicante, Barcelona, Málaga, etc.

Where can I buy it?

Online and at non-virtual travel agencies, también se puede comprar en Taquillas de las estaciones.

How do I identify trains offering this service?

The trains offering this service will be identified with the (Quiet Car Icon) icon when you search for train times in the Compra de Billetes (Ticket Purchase) area.

When do I select the quiet car option?

You request it during the purchasing process in the step "selección de tarifa" (fare selection), the one before customer registration or payment method if you're already a registered user. Select the "Solicita coche en silencio" (Request quiet car) checkbox for the outgoing and/or return journey. This checkbox is specific and different from the "selección de asiento" (seat selection) box and it allows you to select a seat in the quiet car.

At the end of the purchasing process, the purchase summary screen will include a new field indicating the characteristics of the seat you have booked.

Can people who have not requested it travel in these cars?

If all other cars are full, as a last resort, customers will be offered the possibility of travelling in the "quiet car" and they will be informed of the rules.

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