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Punctuality commitment

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What is the Voluntary Punctuality Commitment?

Renfe's voluntary punctuality commitment for sales services* goes above and beyond the compensation conditions contemplated in the implementing regulations of the Spanish Railway Sector Act and corresponding EU Regulations. With this commitment, Renfe is the operator with most beneficial compensation system for passengers.

Our Commitment

Our voluntary commitment to our customers not only raises the quality of Renfe services, it also applies in any circumstance, including delays and incidents caused by force majeure.

Renfe Voluntary Commitment - AVERailway Sector RegulationsEU Regulations
Delays > 15' 50% refund of ticket price Delays > 60' 50% refund of ticket price Delays between 60' and 119 25% refund of ticket price
Delays > 30' 100% refund of ticket price Delays > 90' 100% refund of ticket price. Delays >=120' 50% refund of ticket price

*AVE, AV City, Alvia, Euromed, Altaria, Trenhotel, Talgo and Intercity (Long Distance) trains. Tourist trains and theme trains are excluded.

Punctuality Commitment

Find out more about compensations for delays corresponding to other Renfe sales services and the AVANT and Mid-Distance products at Compensation for delays.

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