Door-to-Door Luggage

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  • You must have an AVE/Long Distance ticket to request this service.
  • This service includes transport of up to three luggage items per ticket.
  • You can transport luggage (suitcases) and special equipment (bicycles, skis, snowboards, pushchairs, golf clubs).
  • The dimensions established for this transport service are WidthxHeightxDepth 150x70x50 cm, and the sum of the three measurements may not exceed 250 cm, except in the case of skis.
  • Each luggage item can weigh up to 25 kg.
  • You can distribute your luggage among various tickets with a limit of three items per ticket.
  • Over 200 destinations starting at €20 with a 20% discount in the transport of the second and third item.
  • The delivery time for luggage is generally two days.

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