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For all our trains

Folded or dismantled

Whenever they exceed the dimensions for consideration as hand luggage, they will be admitted on AVE, Long Distance and Avant trains for journeys in Spain under the following conditions:

  • The bicycle is folded or dismantled and inside a carrying case with dimensions not to exceed 120 x 90 x 40 cm (length-height-width).
  • The pedals must be removed and the handlebar turned to 90º.

In sleeper seats, beds and bunks:

  • In the case of compartments with beds, they will only be admitted in compartments booked on a family basis and with a maximum of two bicycles per compartment.
  • When the journey is in a bunk, only two bicycles will be admitted per compartment.
  • Bicycle transport is free of charge and simply requires that you obtain the corresponding ticket.

On Conventional Medium Distance, Suburban Trains and Metric Gauge trains, folding bicycles do not need to be transported inside a carrying case.

WITHOUT folding or dismantling

There is a limit of one bicycle per passenger and only on Conventional Medium Distance, Suburban Trains and Metric Gauge trains under the following conditions:

Without a reserved seat:

  • There may be a limit of bicycles per train.
  • For services that do not establish a limit on the number of bicycles per train, the only limitation is that bicycles must not disturb other passengers.
  • On Conventional Medium Distance and Metric Gauge (Medium Distance) trains, the cost for transporting a bicycle is €3 for journeys exceeding 100 km. For journeys of less than 100 km on these trains, transport is free of charge.

With a reserved seat:

  • There is a limit of bicycles per train. They will only be allowed on trains that have a space or specific area for bicycle transport, and therefore the number of bicycles per train is limited.
  • The cost of transporting a bicycle is €3 per journey exceeding 100 km.

On Commuter trains

You can transport bicycles on Commuter trains under the following specific conditions:

  • There is a limit of one bicycle per passenger.
  • The passenger with the bicycle must hold a valid ticket, and there is no charge for this service.
  • If the train is crowded and the passenger with the bicycle is unable to make the journey or might disturb other passengers, the passenger may take another train or request a refund of the total fare.
  • Bicycles must be transported in the corresponding spaces. If there is no sign indicating this, the spaces designated for bicycle transport shall be the areas of the train authorised for passenger access, as long as aisles and regular seating areas (non-folding seats) are not invaded at any time.
  • Loading, supervision and unloading of bicycles shall be the responsibility of the owners.
  • Renfe accepts no liability for any damage or loss that might occur during the journey.

ACCESSING.- The maximum number of bicycles per platform shall be determined by how much space is available at any given time, with the opinion of Customer Service prevailing at all times.

Catalonia Commuter trains

On these trains, ticket sale and access conditions are determined by the local transportation authority, the Generalitat de Catalunya, and therefore the rules described on this page are not applicable.

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