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Nocturnal service designed for trips of long distance that allows arrives to destination to first hour of the morning, allowing passengers to make the most of a whole day of work or leisure.


Madrid Chamartín - Zaragoza - Barcelona Sants

The range of travel classes include different options, including berths and seats.

Berth carriages, with compartments for up to 6 persons, can be used as ladies, gentlemen or mixed compartments. Tickets can be purchased individually or for the whole compartment as a group/family.


Compartments for 6 people with 3 berths on each side.

The compartments have an extension ladder to climb up to the top berths, a luggage area, compartment door with inner safety lock, individual light for each person, rack for personal belongings, lighting control panel and air conditioning.

They are sold as: compartments for ladies, gentlemen or mixed, when tickets are purchased individually.

A full compartment can also be booked, which includes a discount.


The Estrella product commercial offer include seated places in Turista or Preferente class.

The carriages are divided into compartments with a side passage or are open carriages with a central aisle. There are between 76 and 24 seats, depending on the model.

The seats in the compartments have reclining backrests, individual lights and a lighting and air conditioning control panel.

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