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Renfe’s Avant services are Media Distancia services provided by high-speed trains specifically designed for short journeys, as opposed to the trains used for the Ave service.

They make it possible to take advantage of the high-speed railway to deliver mobility between nearby towns in more competitive times, and to benefit from the advantages of the Tarjeta Plus Card, which is designed for frequent users of these trains.

The following routes are currently available using Avant services:

  • Jaén – Cadiz Avant
  • Madrid – Segovia – Valladolid Avant
  • Malaga – Cordoba – Seville Avant
  • Madrid – Ciudad Real – Puertollano Avant
  • Madrid – Toledo Avant
  • Barcelona – Tarragona – Lleida Avant
  • Calatayud – Zaragoza Avant
  • Ourense - Santiago - A Coruña Avant
  • Málaga - Sevilla Avant
  • Barcelona - Girona Avant

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