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Media Distancia - Catalonia

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The Renfe Media Distancia train network provides a rail passenger transport service within the Catalonia Autonomous Region and connects it to the Autonomous Regions of Aragon and Valencia.


Here are all of the Renfe Media Distancia lines that start in the Catalonia Autonomous Region

For times and prices, go to our general timetable finder, at the top of this page, or click on the name of the train to access information about the stops on each route, including times.

  • Barcelona - Tarragona - Lleida. (Avant).
  • Barcelona - Tarragona - Castelló - Valencia.
  • Barcelona - Girona - Figueres - Cerbere.
  • Barcelona - Tarragona - Reus -Ribaroja.
  • Barcelona - La Plana - Lleida.
  • Barcelona - Manresa - Lleida - Barcelona.
  • Barcelona - Caspe - Zaragoza - Barcelona.
  • Lleida - La Pobla de Segur - Lleida.
  • Lleida - Zaragoza.


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