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Al Andalus. Train Data Sheet.

The Al Andalus train has a space especially designed for rest and privacy. It has seven suite cars.

Their exquisite and select decoration will wrap you in a special ambiance that will make your stay nothing but very special. At night, the train will remain parked so that you can rest comfortably.

There are seven, recently remodelled suite cars, five of them built in France at the end of the 1920s. The cars were originally used by the British monarchy for their holiday travel from Calais to the French Riviera. Their "Belle Époque" decoration has been respected, with new additions in the most recent modifications that include all the latest-generation technical advances.

The train's maximum capacity is 64 people in 32 suites of two different types:

  • Standard suite: it has two standard single beds, a safe, a wardrobe and a complete, separate bathroom. There are 12 suites with these characteristics, for 2 passengers each.
  • Superior suite: it has a 150 x 200-cm double bed, a safe, a wardrobe and an extraordinary, complete bathroom. There are 20 suites with these characteristics, for a total of 40 passengers. It is also possible to add a supplementary bed for a third passenger.

All the suites have independent climate control and 220-V power outlets.

During the day, the suites will have a different look, given that the beds are folded up and become comfortable sofas, thus leaving space to read or comfortably enjoy the scenery from a private room.

Lounges of glamour and comfort

The Al Andalus train has four authentic jewels of the railway: its lounge cars dating from 1928 to 1930. They are all places of charm designed for leisure and the pleasure of travelling. The Al Andalus train is the most ample and spacious tourist train in the world, and its lounges offer a multitude of possibilities, such as enjoying a breakfast buffet, eating lunch or dinner on board in the restaurant cars, relaxing with a drink in the bar car, listening to a musical show every night in the piano car, having a great conversation or simply contemplating the scenery through the panoramic windows while sitting in one of its comfortable armchairs.

All the cars include climate control and are connected to each other like the rest of the train, and they are open 24 hours a day to be freely used and enjoyed. The crew will answer any question that travellers may have, so that they can leave their worries behind and enjoy an unequalled, attractive environment.

The crew. Professionals at your service

The crew of the Al Andalus train is made up of a team of professionals who will be at your disposal twenty-four hours a day: porters, hosts, guides, receptionists, cleaners, waiters, chefs, engineer, driver, security personnel, maintenance technicians, musicians, entertainment specialists, etc. They'll be at your service under the supervision of the train's manager.

On the other hand, all the services provided while off the train, such as tours, meals, shows, etc., are guaranteed to provide the same level of quality as what is provided on the train.

On this trip, we offer you a laundry service, a medical service and special menus.

Gastronomy. A pleasure for exquisite palates

In our travels, gastronomy must obviously have a top-priority role. Traditional foods can be enjoyed in all their variants. Both on board the train and in the restaurants especially chosen for the trip. Not only do we use top-quality raw materials, but we also use the best kitchen professionals.

The buffet breakfasts are all prepared on board the train, maybe even surprising the most exquisite palate, thereby making the start of the day a wonderful ritual. Lunches and dinners will be served both on board the train and in local restaurants.

A menu especially selected for the Al Andalus train will be prepared, which will include both top-quality wines as well as coffees, infusions and liquors.

On-board services

The bus

Our bus will always accompany the Al Andalus train.

When the train reaches the destination station, our bus will pick you up to take you on scheduled tours with our guides.

The bus will also take you to restaurants and any other place you need to go.

Other services

Health services

There is a first-aid kit on board the train. The Al Andalus is also coordinated with the various hospitals and health centres of the different locations that it will travel through along the trip.

Special menus

If you follow a special diet, you can indicate this when making your reservation, so that it is taken into account in all the meals we offer.

Laundry service

We have a 24-hour laundry service.

All trips include:

  • Main meals and dinners, with wine, coffee or infusions and liquors.
  • Buffet breakfasts.
  • Lodging in a suite on board the train.
  • A bus for travel off the train.
  • Host - accompanying us along the entire route.
  • Guided tours.
  • Security service.
  • Entry tickets and tours to various locations.
  • Musical shows.
  • Daily press and magazines.
  • A great team of people at your disposal.

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