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Avant Series 104

Interior layout and features for customers

The interior of the 104, like the 114, has been given an open-space design, with the spaces interconnected to increase passenger comfort. The series also includes advanced fire-fighting, anti-collision and anti-overriding safety systems.

All cars have an interior PA system and exterior and interior indicator panels, which are located on the end-walls of the passenger lounges and in the seven access vestibules. These systems can be controlled from a compartment reserved for the on-board crew or from the driver's cabs. Moreover, the cars have independent climate control systems for the cab and for the passenger compartments; reclining and orientable seats; four WCs, one in each car and one of which is adapted for persons with reduced mobility; bag storage in the interior of the passenger lounges, including anti-theft protection; and luggage racks over the seats.

The trains of the 104 series have two cars of Standard class, one of First class and another divided between the Cafeteria and First class. The seats, which are all reclining and can be faced in the direction of travel, have a lounge type of distribution, with a total of 237 seats.

The First class area is located in the end car, where the cafeteria is located. It has 31 seats in a lounge-type distribution of 2+1, separated by a central aisle. It also has a driver's cab, a WC, an area for luggage, a single access vestibule and one door per side. This car also has a telephone booth and a compartment for the conductor.

The three remaining cars make up the Standard class, with 206 seats. The seat distribution is 2+2, separated by a central aisle. One of the intermediate cars has an area reserved for wheel chairs, as well as a WC adapted for persons with reduced mobility. The seven access vestibules are distributed in two per car, except for the First class/cafeteria car, which has one vestibule located next to the cab.

Train features

  • Maximum speed: 250 km/h.
  • 236 reclining seats.
  • Pull-down table at each seat.
  • Space for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Cafeteria or beverage and snack bar machine.
  • Automatic interior and exterior doors.
  • Baby changing space.
  • Climate control throughout the entire train.
  • Four WCs.
  • A WC adapted for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Independent bag storage space in vestibules.
  • Information on interior and exterior indicator panels.
  • On-board public address system.

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