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AVE Series 100R

Interior layout and features for customers

The train has an invariable composition formed by two end power cars and eight intermediate cars, such that it can travel in either direction. It is also possible for two trains to travel together, coupled in multiple control.

Of the eight cars, the first includes the Club class with a capacity for 30 people and a meeting room with a capacity for 8 people. The second and third cars are used for First class, with a total of 78 seats, and the fourth car is set up as the cafeteria. The remaining cars make up the Standard class.

Among other features, the train incorporates an audio and video system, with an outlet at the seat and the possibility of broadcasting ambient music. It also includes air conditioning, trip information over the PA system and on digital panels, a telephone booth and a table with board games.

With ergonomic seats equipped with pull-down armrests to allow easy access by people with reduced mobility, the first car with Club class offers small, semi-open compartments with seats that are reclined automatically by a pneumatic device. The seats in First class are individual and reclining, and those of Standard class are double and non-reclining, but with a cushioned seat and backrest, separated by a central, pull-down armrest.

The train also introduces several forms of lighting. The main lighting is in the friezes on the sides above the windows, in addition to indirect, central lighting.

Individual reading lamps have also been installed, oriented towards each seat, plus desktop lamps on the tables positioned between facing seats.

The WCs on this train are located in the vestibules between cars, where the bag storage is also located. One of the WCs is adapted for persons with reduced mobility, and another includes a bottle warmer and a baby changing table.

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