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AVE Series 102/112

Interior layout and features for customers

Comfort is one of the characteristic traits of the trains of the 102 and 112 series.

The train has twelve cars, although it can admit up to a maximum of 23 cars, with Standard, First and Club classes, offering a total capacity of 316 passengers.

The configuration of the basic unit is six Standard class cars (cars 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12), one cafeteria car (car 6), three First class cars (cars 3, 4 and 5) and two Club class cars (1 and 2).

One of the Standard class cars, the end car, has 28 seats, which is followed by four trailer cars of the same class, with the capacity to transport 36 passengers each. On the following car (car 7), also Standard class, there are two seats reserved for persons with reduced mobility, with a distribution of 22 + 2 seats. Standard class offers a total of 193 seats, distributed in four seats per row, two of which are for wheel chairs.

This layout is modified in series 112, given that the three First class cars are converted into two Standard class cars and one Club class car. Moreover, greater capacity per car has been increased in Standard class by adding one more row of seats as a result of eliminating the storage space for catering carts, reducing the width of the backrests and installing more compact air conditioning equipment.

With these conversions, the 112 series has eight Standard class cars with 294 seats (two of them for PRMs) and three Club class cars with 71 seats, in addition to the Cafeteria car. This means that the base composition of this train has 12 cars and a capacity of 365 passengers.

The seats are pull-down, high comfort seats with foot rests that can be turned to face the direction of travel, except for those at the ends of each car and those in the meeting room. There is a separation of 1000 mm between seats in Standard class and 1018 mm in Club class and First class. The train has two video channels and four audio channels, except for Club class, where there are individual screens with three channels.

Each car has video monitors where, in addition to the regular entertainment programmes, information is provided regarding the route and the train's location using GPS technology.

There are electronic information panels on the exterior and interior, with automatic activation of notices.

Each seat has an individual light, a pull-down table and an electrical outlet for a computer or mobile phone in Club and First classes. The air conditioning units are installed on the undercarriage, and in Club class each seat has a variable flow diffuser.

The seats for persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) allow access from a wheel chair, and if they are not used they increase the train's capacity, because they can be sold to persons with normal mobility.

The video playback device is a DVD, and the intercom system admits 6 simultaneous channels, as well as the PA. Thus, it is possible for the train conductor to be broadcasting a message on the PA system, while at the same time the supervisor is speaking with the cafeteria crew.

The trains of the 112 series will be equipped with firewall doors between cars, instead of the traditional sliding glass doors, with which the 102 series will be equipped in the upcoming improvements that are implemented.

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