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AVE Series 103

Interior layout and features for customers

Designed to travel at 350 km/h, it has a total capacity of 404 passengers, distributed in three classes: First class, Standard class and Club class. One of these cars also has two seats for passengers in a wheel chair, plus a WC adapted to persons with reduced mobility (PRM). An end car with Club class is located at the head of the train, from which it is possible to observe the track from the same perspective as the driver, given that the cab and the compartment are separated by a transparent glass divider, which can be made opaque as the driver wishes. This space is being converted from the original meeting room to 8 normal Club class seats, so the train's capacity will go from 404 to 405 passengers. Moreover, Club class is distinguished by leather upholstery, large video screens and the freedom of movement of the seats.

Two First class cars are located behind the Club car, with high-quality furnishings and personalised service. The Cafeteria car is located between First class and Standard class, where other features are provided, such as customer service, in addition to rooms for train personnel and space for checked-in baggage. It also has a communications area, equipped with public telephones and Internet connection. The four cars of the other semi-train are allocated to Standard class. The first one located next to the Cafeteria has an area designed for passengers with small children and for persons with reduced mobility. The seats can be faced in either direction, they are adjustable and they have individual lamps. In First and Club classes, the seats are upholstered in leather and have bumpers to protect them from impacts by on-board service and sales carts. Regarding the climate control system, the 103 series has a redundant installation, with approximately 25 percent more power for providing service, even with an exterior temperature of 50º C. The train has 8 video channels and 1 audio channel with individual outlets on the armrests of each seat. Video screens have been installed in all three classes, and they can be seen from all seats. All the cars are equipped with information screens in three languages. They provide information about the train's route, the date, the time, the position determined by GPS and tourist information. The train also has a PA system with speakers in every zone, managed by micro-telephones, to provide information to the entire train or to each one of the train's zones. Announcements are coordinated from the crew room, using a computer with a GSM connection. There are a total of eleven WCs on the 103 series train, one of which is for disabled persons, and two others have baby changing tables in car 5. They are all equipped with hand dryers, paper and soap dispensers and a faucet controlled by a photoelectric cell.

The train has an advanced, highly selective fire safety system, and the train can travel at 80 km/h for 15 minutes after a fire alarm. It also has an anti-collision and anti-overriding system. Moreover, there are rescue windows in each car, where the impact zone for breaking the window is marked.

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