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S-446 electric rail cars

Interior layout and features for customers

The interior layout is the same in the three cars, except for the space used for the driver's cab of each power car, where the driver's desk, the upper instrument panel and the cabinets with the low-voltage switch gear are located, in addition to climate control and the communications, IT and safety equipment. Only two cabinets for control devices are located in the trailer car.

Access is provided through three vestibules that are equipped with sliding-recessing, double-leaf automatic doors that provide an opening clearance of 1.3 metres and include mobile running boards, leading to four passenger compartments equipped with fixed and pull-down seats and a central aisle. In the trains of the 1st and 2nd series, the doors are pneumatically operated, while they are electrically operated in the 3rd series.

The interior lining of the walls and ceiling is polyester, and the floor is rubber. Luggage racks, handrails and trash receptacles compliment the interior.

The lighting is fluorescent in the central aisle, with halogen light points on the sides.

The train unit has indicator panels in the interior and on the exterior of the vehicles, which provide customers with information about the train's destination, about the next stop, about connecting lines with other means of transport at the next station and about the exterior temperature. In addition to this visual information, passengers can also receive information over the PA system, either digitised in the case of an automatic announcement of the stations or provided by the driver if an incident has to be reported. The train also has a system for broadcasting ambient music.

The climate control system, both hot and cold, is integrated in the roof of the central vestibule. To reinforce the heating, there are floor-level heaters.

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