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S-447 electric rail cars

Interior layout and features for customers

Access to the vehicles is facilitated by mobile running boards that are installed on the three side access doors on each of the vehicles in the composition. The doors provide access to the vestibules that are integrated in the passenger lounge. The passenger lounge has an open-space design, although the seats and furniture are grouped to form four sub-divisions around the aisle and the accesses. The units numbered 72 to 117 have a different seat layout, in rows of 2 by 2. There are also 12 folding seats per car, which increases the number of seats per unit by 36.

The lighting is fluorescent in the central aisle, reinforced by halogen light points on the sides. The climate control system is integrated in the roof of the central vestibule, and there are heaters for reinforcement under the windows. The vacuum WC, located in the trailer coach, is formed by a compact module with drain pipes to the exterior. The module incorporates a non-automatic door, an "occupied" sign, a toilet, a sink, a soap dispenser, a toilet paper role holder, a hand dryer, a paper towel holder and a mirror.

The interior indicator panels inform passengers of the destination station, the route, the connecting lines at each station, the time and the exterior temperature. In turn, the exterior destination indicator panels are controlled digitally from the driver's desk. The stations are announced in the passenger compartments, both visually and audibly through the PA system, which allows recorded announcements to be broadcast from the cab, or through the train-ground system or by the driver. The PA system also provides piped music through a CD player.

Finally, the unit has a train-ground radio communications system, the ASFA system and a dual-acting deadman. It also has a central computer unit that informs the driver of any incident or failure and what action to take.

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