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S-450 and 451 electric rail cars

Interior layout and features for customers

Each trailer car has 100 seats on the lower floor and 96 on the upper floor. In turn, each power car has 50 seats. The seats form modules of four and six seats facing each other in rows of two and three seats, separated by a central aisle. Each car has one WC on the lower floor, and they are all equipped with air conditioning, ambient music and interior indicator panels, which inform passengers of the train's final destination, of the next stop, of the time and of the exterior temperature. Passengers are also provided with visual and audio information along the route.

The lighting is a mixed type consisting of fluorescent and halogen light fixtures. The climate control system is based on compact equipment located on the roof for the passenger compartments and a separate unit for the driver's cab. Heating is reinforced by floor-level heating in the compartments.

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