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S-470 electric rail car

Interior layout and features for customers

The access doors lead to vestibules that are separated from the rest of the vehicle by glass dividers. It has passenger lounges with an open-space layout.

The power car has two passenger lounges and one multi-use lounge that connects to the entrance vestibule. The multi-purpose zone has a specific area for bicycles. A WC is located at each end of the intermediate trailer car, as well as a WC for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). Both WCs have vacuum toilets. The lounges have climate control, a public address system and ambient music.

The seats, which have a 2 + 2 distribution, are ergonomic and have upholstery with fire-retardant treatment. The most common version has 220 seats, although 4 or 14 seats were installed in some of the initial renovations of the old van space, and those units have 224 or 234 seats. Most of the units (those that do not have seats in the van) have an area for bicycles and 12 folding seats.

The side windows are based on adjoining, tinted panes, which aesthetically provide a black strip along the exterior side of the cars.

The 470 series incorporates the Iris-4 passenger information system, with indicator panels in the interior (located above the side entrance doors to show the next stop, the time, the date and the outside temperature) and on the exterior, above the window of the end wall, which indicates the train's destination.

The interior is lined with compact, scratch-resistant and easy-cleaning panels. The flooring is rubber.

This series has a train-ground radio communications system and the ASFA system.

  • Maximum speed: 140 km/h.
  • Seats: 220 or 270, depending on the version.
  • The seats can be turned to face the direction of travel.
  • Space for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Beverage and snack bar machine.
  • Automatic exterior doors.
  • Space for transporting bicycles.
  • Climate control throughout the entire train.
  • Two WCs.
  • Independent bag storage space in vestibules.
  • Information provided on indicator panels.
  • On-board public address system.

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