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S-598 diesel rail car

Interior layout and features for customers

Each train unit has three, double-leaf access doors per side, which are sliding, automatic and electrically operated. Each one has a fold-away running board that is pneumatically operated and opens in conjunction with the door. They allow access to station platforms from heights of 300 to 960 mm above the track.

The composition has a capacity of 189 seats, which are distributed in 56 and 58 seats in the power cars and 74 in the intermediate car, plus one seat for persons with reduced mobility. The composition has two driver's cabs, one in each power car. The cab is accessed from the exterior through a door located on the right side or from the interior through a door that connects to the passenger lounge. The driver's seat is equipped with a pneumatic suspension and has a series of mechanisms for adjusting to a comfortable height and inclination. Visibility is assured through a front windscreen, with windscreen wipers, a shade and an anti-fogging system included. The driver's desk has a very functional and ergonomic design, with bright colours and LED indicators. The cab has an access door from the exterior, separate air conditioning and reinforced glass.

The vestibule of one power car includes a WC prepared for persons with reduced mobility and a baby changing table, while a conventional WC is located in the vestibule of the other power car. Both WCs have vacuum toilets.

The three cars have two passenger lounges. A large passenger lounge, with an interior design similar to that of the 594 series, where there are double seats for passengers on both sides of the central aisle. The central seats have a fixed table, and the remainder have a pull-down tray. Two folding seats are installed in the lounge of the power car, which in the folded position provide space for a person with reduced mobility. Luggage racks are installed above the seats, and there is also ample bag storage space next to the door.

The small lounge of all the cars, with a look that is identical to the large lounge, has double seats on both sides of a central aisle. There are four pairs of seats that have fixed tables, and the remainder having pull-down trays. A bike rack with the capacity for 6 bikes is installed in one of the power cars.

The seats of both lounges are reclining and have pull-down armrests. The distance between seats is approximately 1 metre, and the width of each seat is approximately 55 cm. The windows have manually activated, adjustable curtains.

This train also has systems for climate control, interior and exterior passenger information, public address and piped music, fire detection, etc.

  • Maximum speed: 160 km/h.
  • Seats: 186.
  • Reclining seats.
  • Pull-down table at each seat.
  • Space for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Beverage and snack bar machine.
  • Automatic interior and exterior doors.
  • Space for transporting bicycles.
  • Baby changing space.
  • Climate control throughout the entire train.
  • Two WCs.
  • A WC adapted for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Independent bag storage space in vestibules.
  • Information on interior and exterior indicator panels.
  • On-board public address system.

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