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S-599 electric rail car

Interior layout and features for customers

Each composition has a capacity of 184 seats, which are distributed in 68 and 64 seats in the power cars and 52 in the intermediate car, plus one seat for persons with reduced mobility in a wheel chair. It also incorporates a space for stowing a wheel chair, including the anchors. The PRM seat has anchors for the chair and passenger and a specific intercom.

The vehicles are accessed through a vestibule that is equipped on both sides with an automatic sliding/recessing door with an opening clearance of 1200 mm. The doors have fold-away, pneumatically activated running boards that open together with the door. These running boards allow accessing station platforms with heights of between 300 and 960 mm above the track. The intermediate cars also have a low floor zone to allow access by persons with reduced mobility from station platforms with heights of between 680 and 760 mm, using a retractable ramp.

The vestibule of the intermediate car is very broad, and it includes a WC prepared for persons with reduced mobility, a baby changing table, emergency buttons, a common zone with two vending machines and a bar and an area prepared for transporting bicycles. A conventional WC is located in the vestibule of the second power car.

The distance between seats, 950 mm, is within the range offered in the first class features of other forms of transport, such as airplanes or buses; the width of a pair of seats is 1080 mm and the aisle width is 550 mm.

Each seat has a reading lamp and a power outlet between the seats. The windows have manually activated, adjustable blinds.

The vehicles have emergency lighting and rescue lighting that are autonomous and independent from the train's main batteries for emergency situations. This lighting is completed by photoluminescent signs and indicators in the lounge and the vestibules to indicate exit routes.

Each vehicle has compact air conditioning equipment that is completed by floor-level heaters.

The climate control system of the train's lounges is formed one climate control unit per car, with a dual cooling circuit, and it is compact and assembled in a single block. This configuration provides 47 kW of cooling power per car and 31 kW of heating power per car, with an output air flow rate of 6200 m3. The cabs have their own climate control unit.

The passenger information system consists of a public address system that automatically announces stations and plays ambient music, among other features. It also includes a display on the front of each cab and an exterior sign located next to each door, which shows the train's route and stops. TFT monitors in the passenger lounges provide information and entertainment video. There are intercoms in all vehicles, plus a specific intercom for the PRM seat. This system also includes a video surveillance system with continuous recording.

  • Maximum speed: 160 km/h on national track gauge.
  • Seats: 182 + 1 PRM.
  • Sliding seats.
  • Pull-down table at each seat.
  • Desks.
  • Individual reading lamp.
  • Train access adapted for PRM on 1 car.
  • Space for Persons with Reduced Mobility.
  • Multi-purpose entertainment zone.
  • Bar machine.
  • Automatic interior and exterior doors.
  • Space for transporting bicycles.
  • Two WCs.
  • WC adapted for PRM.
  • Baby changing space.
  • Climate control throughout the entire train.
  • Power outlets at each seat.
  • Independent bag storage in lounges.
  • Information provided on exterior indicator panels.
  • On-board information and entertainment screens.
  • On-board public address system.
  • Video surveillance system.

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