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Interior layout and features for customers

The new Trenhotel's service is designed to satisfy the various notions how travelling at night by train should be. From the most demanding notions, with luxury hotel standards of quality in Grand Class cabins, to travelling in super-reclining seats (ASPR) that are similar to business class seats on airplanes.

Grand Comfort Seats

The Trenhotel has 136 seats in this class (6 cars with 20 seats, plus 2 ends with 8 seats each). The super-reclining seats (ASPR), which were designed jointly by Renfe and the Biomechanical Institute of the Valencia Polytechnic University, offer increased comfort with a reclining angle of 135º and 1330 mm of space per traveller, while on airplanes the average is 900 mm.

These seats offer independent controls for inclining the backrests and elevating the footrests, plus comfortable and height-adjustable headrests, folding tables, a power outlet and a magazine rack.

The features are completed by indirect lighting, set to either general, low-level or emergency lighting, plus a reading lamp, an individual audio system with four channels, a luggage rack with an anti-theft system and an on-board personnel call button. The WCs, which are located in each car except for the end cards, have hot and cold water, power outlets and a baby changing table.

Grand Class Beds

Each composition of the new Trenhotel has 10 Grand Class cars and a capacity of 98 passengers. Each car has five cabins with two beds each, except for one of the cars, which has a cabin for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and therefore has a total of four cabins.

The cabins are notably comfortable than current ones, because customers will have longer and wider beds (200 x 80 cm), high-comfort latex mattresses and a complete WC with new designs and materials, enhanced by tempered glass shower doors instead of curtains to provide a greater sense of hygiene and space.

Cabins have adjustable general lighting, individual reading lamps and low-level lighting. The entertainment system has four audio channels and another video channel with a 15" TFT screen, which allowing choosing up to eight films with DVD quality.

Cabin comfort is completed by two seats in the daytime position, plus two drop-down, retractable tables, ample bag storage space, a magazine rack and a personal belongings rack, among other features. Cabins are entered using a card key, and they include an intercom for communication with on-board personnel and an automatic alarm clock.

The cabin adapted to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) is located right next to the Cafeteria and Restaurant, which have an accessible bar and an adapted table, respectively.

Cafeteria and dining car

The Cafeteria of the new Trenhotel is the Talgo 7 type, equipped to offer restaurant services in the Restaurant car.

The stools have been removed from the bar area of the Cafeteria cars, thus creating an uncluttered area to improve customer circulation and facilitate the cafeteria service. The lighting and design manage to create a pleasant meeting place for chatting and enjoying the offered products.

The Trenhotel's kitchen, located in the Cafeteria car, is equipped with a grill, two microwaves, an oven, coolers and a dishwasher, thus conceived to offer fresh products as soon as they are ordered.

The Restaurant seats 30 at 10 tables that are separated by tempered glass screens, thereby providing the necessary feeling of privacy for enjoying this service. This space will offer both à-la-carte dinners and breakfast.

These two cars have a modern and functional design that combines both noble materials and other, avant-garde materials. The carefully designed lighting creates a luminous atmosphere in the Cafeteria and a more intimate ambiance in the Restaurant.

Both the Cafeteria and the Dining car are accessible by PRMs, with a bar area positioned at the right height and an adapted table.

Other features

Given that this is a night product, in which silence takes precedence to facilitate rest in common areas (seats, Cafeteria and Restaurant), passenger information is provided on interior panels equipped with the SIAB (on-board information system), which shows the train's position via GPS and all other relevant travel information.

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