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Arriving from Madrid-Atocha at the train station of Toledo, in neomudejar style, you can observe one of the monuments declared as National Heritage since its construction. The beauty of its plastering, tiling, marquetry, iron… makes it one of the most unique stations of Spain. From here on you take the Tourist Bus which gives you a panoramic view and makes you understand the position and way of life of the city of three cultures ‘World Heritage Site’ since 1986. You will able to take pictures of the whole historic city, the Tagus that embraces the city, the cigarrales which is the natural protected area of the city, the historical bridges of Alcántara and San Martin as well as the view of the Mudejares towers.

The Tourist Bus leaves you at Plaza Zocodover, an important meeting point in the life of the Toledans. From here on you will visit the Santa Cruz Museum, a museum with a collection of pieces that shows the history of the city from the prehistory until the contemporary art of the 20th century. A few feet away stands the Alcázar, conceived historically as a fortress it currently houses the new National Army Museum. It houses a remarkable collection of steel weapons such as knives, swords and much more. From here on you will continue until the City Hall square, where you can contemplate the architectural ensemble of the Archbishop’s Palace, the City Hall, the Court House and the magnificent façade of the Cathedral within which you can enjoy one of the most wonderful spaces of the city.

You will discover rooms such as the Sacristy, the Chapter Chambre, the Choir and the Treasury as well as the magnificent baroque Transparent, the Cloister and the Tower with its famous Big Bell. Through any of the narrow streets you enter the Jewish Quarter.

The first monument that you will come across is the old Mosque of El Salvador, which along with Cristo de la Luz and Tornerías are the legacies of the Hispanic-Islamic period.

In the very same neighbourhood you can admire the best work of the Greek painter that was settled in Toledo; Domenico Theotocopoulos, El Greco. His famous work “The burial of the Lord Orgaz” located in the Church of Santo Tomé, represents the Toledan society of the 17th century. You will discover other works by the same author and his disciples in the Museum of El Greco, situated in the Paseo del Tránsito. A few meters away you will encounter the Sinagogue of El Tránsito and the Sephardic Museum. The Main room is the Great Prayer Room, with a splendid tie-beam roof and profuse plasterwork decoration work on the walls. Mudejar motifs in red, green, black and ochre are predominant in the anterior decoration. The upper part contains the Women’s Gallery. The Museum of the Jewish history in Spain owns religious objects and Sephardic traditions.

Continuing our tour in the Jewish Quarter, you arrive at the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, Synagogue of the early 13th century. It consists of five naves divided by horseshoe arches over lime-painted octagonal columns with unusual Eastern-style honeycombed capitals of outstanding beauty.

Last but not least you are ending your tour with the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, Franciscan Monastery of the 15th century in Gothic-Mudejar style. Queen Isabel the Catholic was in charge of the construction, in commemoration of the battle of Toro in 1476. The highlights of the Monastery are the Church, the Alterpiece and the Cloister.

Throughout the city you can find samples of the rich handicrafts, damascene work, swords, ceramics, wood, leather as well as the gastronomic game meat – deer, partridge of the mountains of Toledo – and its famous marzipan that you will be able to buy in different shops and cloistered convents.

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