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For Media Distancia Convencional

Non-transferable passes for unlimited travel, regardless of whether outward bound or return, on the authorised trains, between stations on the route in the calendar month covered by the pass. Discounts are available depending on the route and type of Pass, except on Rodalies de Catalunya Regional trains, where the pass is valid for two journeys a day.

  • Regional Monthly Pass : Valid for all Regional, Exprés and TRD trains on the Salamanca-Valladolid-Palencia line, TRD trains on the Valencia-Teruel-Zaragoza-Huesca line, and for Media Distancia trains between Zafra-Mérida and Jaén-Espeluy. Providing that the price difference is paid, it is also valid for 598 and TRD trains in Extremadura and on the Madrid-Extremadura line.
  • Exprés Monthly Pass : Valid for all Media Distancia trains in Andalusia, for TRD trains in the Castile-Leon region and on the Madrid-Ávila-Salamanca line.

For Cercanías trains

Personal ticket. It is issued with a start and end date and is valid for two journeys a day, regardless of whether outbound or return.

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