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Carné Joven

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Passengers are obliged to show their ticket and proof that they are authorised to use it whenever Renfe-Operadora authorised agents or staff request this before they board the train, during the journey or once they have alighted at their final destination.

On AVE - Larga Distancia

Offer addressed to travelers between 14 and 26 years of age without meeting - on the date of travel, which hold a Youth Card issued by any of the Autonomous Communities of the Spanish State, associated with bank cards issued by financial institutions in the partner or issued foreign countries associated with the body EYCA. The offer also applies to holders of an international travel card for young GO 25 (IYTC).

At present one of these cards will be a 20% discount on single trip on any day train and class.

This discount may not be used in combination with any other discounts. It applies to national routes.

Trenhotel Lusitania (Madrid-Lisbon) and Trenhotel Surexpreso (Lisbon-Hendaye-Irun) have special prices for youth aged 12 to 25years of age, being sufficient to submit any documentary proof of age.

On Media Distancia

20% discount for all trains, days and routes. Persons between 12 and 26 years old (who have not had their birthday yet) who are holders of the "Carnet Joven" issued by Autonomous Regions or abroad.

This discount may not be used in combination with any other discounts.

On Avant

Price with a discount for passengers carrying the following cards:

  • Carné Joven Euro<26 issued by Autonomous Regions in Spain and by the corresponding organizations in countries associated with the EYCA institution.
  • ISTC GO 25 Card issued by UNESCO.
  • Rail Plus Junior Card issued abroad.

This price will be applied under the following conditions:

  • Passengers between 14 and 25 years of age on the date of travel.
  • In possession of the Carné Joven Euro<26 issued by the corresponding Autonomous Communities in Spain that have this facility available.
  • This price will also apply to equivalent Euro<26 Youth Cards issued in European countries associated with the EYCA (European Youth Card Association).
  • Student cards will not be valid.
  • The criteria for being a beneficiary will be those applied in the Autonomous Regions in Spain and the issuing Institutions of the association mentioned.
  • The passenger must present the card when so requested by the responsible personnel.

The Youth Cards accepted will be:

  • Conventional Euro<26 cards issued by the appropriate public institutions, with the identifying symbols established by their management.
  • Euro<26 associated with financial institutions collaborating with the corresponding autonomous regions.
  • UNESCO’s Go 25
  • Rail Plus Junior.


  • A discount of 20% on the General Price.
  • For this price to be applied it is necessary to present the aforementioned card when acquiring the ticket.


  • Changes allowed up to 10 minutes before the train departs.
  • For the same day, with no charge; for a different day, paying 10% of the price of the ticket.
  • Cancellations allowed with payment of 15% of the price of the ticket up to 10 minutes before the train departs.


This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, except where specified in the terms and conditions.

Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación

Descuento del 25% sobre la mejor tarifa disponible en todos los trayectos internacionales de Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación para los jóvenes entre 14 años cumplidos y 26 sin cumplir.

Se aceptan cualquiera de los siguientes documentos en vigor en el momento del viaje:

  • Tarjeta +Renfe Joven.
  • Carné Joven emitido por cualquiera de las Comunidades Autónomas del Estado Español.
  • Carné Joven asociado a tarjetas bancarias emitidas por entidades financieras colaboradoras.
  • European Youth Card, Carné Joven emitido en el extranjero en los países asociados al organismo EYCA (European Youth Card Association).
  • Carné Internacional de viajes para jóvenes GO 25 (IYTC) administrado por la International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) y reconocido por la UNESCO como documento para la movilidad juvenil.

Los billetes pueden emitirse en los puntos de venta habituales, estaciones, venta telefónica, agencias de viajes, agencias virtuales y Para la aplicación de este descuento será necesario, en el momento de la compra, la presentación de alguno de los documentos mencionados, junto al documento que acredite la edad (DNI, pasaporte…).

Es necesario estar en posesión del documento en vigor en el momento del viaje, sino se considerará al viajero desprovisto de billete válido para viajar.

Se pueden realizar cambios y anulaciones, según condiciones establecidas con carácter general.

El descuento no será acumulable a otros, excepto el derivado de ser titular de Familia Numerosa, y en aquellos otros que específicamente así lo indiquen en sus condiciones.

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