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Three journeys linked together which start and end at the same point.

  • 20% discount on each journey.
  • Made up of three journeys.
  • Allows three different journeys; the route must end in the city of origin for the overall journey.

What it is

This is an initiative designed for regular rail users.

The customer can acquire up to three destinations in one single operation, with the same origin and final destination.

The applicable discount will be 20% for each journey on the General/Base fare established for each one.

How to Buy?

Select the "Multiple Journeys" option at the top of our ticket purchase page.

Multiple Journeys

Then select the three journeys you want to take, and don't forget to include the date of each. Remember that the origin of the first journey will be the destination of the last.

Pantalla de Búsqueda de Trayectos

For which trains

For all AVE, Long Distance, Avant and Conventional Medium Distance trains.

Which tickets and classes are included

All classes (seats only).

Sales channel

In addition to this website, station ticket windows, travel agencies, the Ceuta Sales Office, telephone sales and online travel agencies.

This product cannot be acquired en route.


Tickets can only be changed before their expiry date and for the same origin and final destination. There is no charge for changes.


Any of the three tickets can be cancelled on an individual basis at a cost of 40% of the cancelled ticket.

Other information

The discount cannot be combined with any other discount, except in the case of holders of Large Family cards or in any other case that specifically indicates this in the corresponding conditions.

Customers using this ticket can also benefit from the advantages offered by the +Renfe Loyalty Card.

A multiple ticket cannot be purchased when the points of origin and destination are not within the same Suburban Trains area.

All stations in a city are considered the same for the process of linking journeys. Therefore, you can travel to/from any of them interchangeably. For these purposes, the following are also considered the same station:

  • Antequera, Antequera – Santa Ana and Bobadilla.
  • Puente Genil and Puente Genil-Herrera.
  • Segovia and Segovia Guiomar.
  • Tarragona and Camp de Tarragona.
  • Figueres and Figueres Vilafant.
  • Huesca – Tardienta.
  • Villena – Villena A.V. and Elda Petrer.

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