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Conferences and Fairs

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You can now purchase your Fairs and Conference tickets online. Tutorial.

The “Discount Authorization” will normally be valid two days before the opening event and up to two days after the closing Conference and Fair ceremony.

This authorisation will be published with restricted access only for registered participants and will be sent to them as a .pdf by the Conference or Fair organisers through their available channels, always personalised for each attendee and subject to event registration. Failure to comply with this condition will lead to the discount being cancelled.

In special circumstances and due to the organiser failing to comply with one or several aspects, Renfe reserves the right to fully or partially suspend the application of commercial conditions, regardless of the stage of negotiation between both parties.

Sales Channels

They may be purchased at Ticket offices at Stations, Ceuta Sales Office,, Travel Agencies in person, Telephone Sales - Renfe Contigo 912 320 320.

Changing tickets

  • The ticket can be changed for the same day at no cost, within its period of validity.
  • If passengers wish to change the ticket for another day, they will pay a change fee of 10% of the original ticket price.

When the price of the new ticket is higher, passengers pay the difference.

If the changed ticket is cheaper, 15% will be discounted from the price difference after any applicable change fees are deducted.


Cancellations are allowed, with a fee of 15% of the ticket price.

Missed Trains

In the case of AVE or Larga Distancia (Long-Distance) trains that are missed for causes not attributable to Renfe, those passengers who have arrived at the departure station at least 30 minutes before the scheduled train departure time will be given the option to travel on the next train with available seats, under the terms and conditions specified by Renfe.

Passengers will need to pay 20% of the new ticket price based on the General fare, if they travel in the same class – or lower – as that of the original ticket.

Passengers need to show the ticket alongside the printed “Discount Authorisation” (which must be personalised to the passenger, named and with their event registration number) and, where applicable, documents proving they are eligible for the Large Family discount, and keep them until the end of the journey. In addition, they must have their identity document with them.

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