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The Renfe Spain Pass is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and expires 1 month after the date of validation of the first journey.

Requirements for correct pass use:

  • Tickets may be purchased via:, authorised travel agencies and at station ticket offices, always by showing the valid pass.
  • Each ticket issued reduces the balance of available journeys.
  • Pass holders must show their passport alongside the pass and the ticket at all access checks.

Tickets allow holders to finish their journey on a Cercanías (Commuter) service, as long as this corresponds to the towns of departure or arrival of their booking.

Once tickets are issued for a specific day, tickets for earlier dates may not be purchased.

Conditions of Use

  • If holders wish to change the class specified on the pass, they may do so from First to Standard class, without any right to compensation.
  • In turn, pass holders for Standard class must pass a supplement to cover the difference between Standard and First class fares, based on the General Fare.
  • Pass holders must show their passport alongside the pass and the ticket at all access checks.

Pass holders must abide by the general rules applicable to contractual relationships between passengers and the transport provider.

For more information on transporting animals, bicycles, luggage, etc., please see our Travel Information section.

Unusual Situations

  • Where pass details are altered or manipulated, or if used by someone other than the pass holder, the passenger will be deemed to travelling without a ticket, and the current regulations shall be applied and the pass withheld.
  • If a pass is used without obtaining a ticket, the passenger will be deemed as travelling without a ticket and current regulations shall apply.

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