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  • Is a pass that allows non-residents in Spain. Is strictly personal, non-transferable. Need Passport.
  • Customers can choosePasses of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 journeys, to be used within 1 month. Two modalities: Business/Club or Tourist.
  • It is valid for all AVE Long Distance and Medium Distance trains (excluding couchettes). You choose the number of journeys you wish to make.
  • This pass is active for 6 months as from the date of issue and is valid for 1 month as from the date on which it is first validated for a journey.
  • A cancellation fee applies 24 hours after your purchase. No refund after the first journey.
  • To travel you must reserve a seat.
  • You must always carry on your Renfe Spain Pass and reservation. It can always be printed as needed.
  • Free Commuter Travel in pre-and post-trip 3 hours.

World Heritage Cities route

5 days, 4 cities

Toledo Cuenca Segovia Ávila

Cathedrals route

5 days, 3 cities

Burgos Salamanca León Zamora

Arabe route

5 days, 3 cities

Córdoba Málaga Granada

Siglo de Oro route

5 days, 4 cities

Aranjuez Campo de Criptana Almagro Albacete



The capital of the Costa del Sol, lively city full of attractive sites.


The capital has over 60 museums, The Prado Museum, one of the world's most important art galleries.


Known as the “city of the three cultures”, because Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together there for centuries.


Bastion of Rome in Spain, the old quarter and Roman aqueduct, are World Heritage Sites.

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