El Transcantábrico Clásico. A cultural and gastronomic journey through the Green Spain.

Just over three decades ago saw the birth of what is today the oldest tourist train in Spain: El Transcantábrico. Synonymous of elegance and comfort from its beginning, El Transcantábrico Clasico takes travellers back to the golden age of the great railway journeys, accompanied by all comforts and services of the 21st century. Its lounges and cabins, carefully remodelled and decorated, display all their majesty on the winding metre-rail tracks. READ MORE >



Each cabins is a fully equipped to enjoy a comfortable stay onboard. All have independent air conditioning and a full ensuite bathroom.



These elegant and evocative carriages are used to serve a select breakfast, lunch or dinner, to enjoy a drink or to socialise with fellow travellers.

A la carte breakfast is served daily in these areas, as well as the fine cuisine prepared by our chef for dinner or lunch served onboard. A bar coach is available to guests and is open from dawn to dusk, with a special on call 24-hour service. Every night the pub coach offers parties, music or live performances. The whole train, rooms and common areas are connected internally, allowing the free movement of passengers.