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Bicycles may be carried on Cercanías services in Málaga as per the following specific terms:

  • Only one bicycle per passenger.
  • The passenger carrying the bicycle must have a valid ticket and will not pay extra for the service.
  • If train occupancy is high and passengers carrying a bike are unable to take their journey or where the bike may inconvenience others, they may select another train or a full refund of their ticket.
  • Bicycles will be transported in designated areas. If there are no signs, the designated areas for transport and storage will be the entry areas on authorised trains, without this in any way blocking passageways or non-tip-up seating areas.
  • The owner will be responsible for loading, storing and unloading bicycles.
  • Renfe will not be liable for any loss or damages caused to bicycles during the journey.

The maximum number of bicycles per access platform will depend on the available space at all times, with Customer Service criteria prevailing.

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