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Passengers coming from a station with a ticket sale service and who board trains without a ticket or without being authorised must pay the price of a single ticket for the full journey that they are going to make, with the penalty or charges established herein, as applicable.

If they refuse to pay this amount, they will be required to abandon the train at the same station, if the train is at a stop, or at the next station if the train is in motion. All of the above is regardless of whether Feve reports the passenger, if he/she has been identified, to the Government Department in order to bring the necessary infringement proceedings due to an administrative infraction, in accordance with article 95 of the Railway Act 39/2003, 17th November.

For the purposes of this provision, passengers will be considered to be without a ticket when it has not been validated, has expired, is amended, scratched or torn or damaged (such that the information on it is illegible), or when the necessary ID for the type of ticket purchased is not shown.

The applicable charges, regardless of the ticket price and except for the cases envisaged in section 22 of these General Terms and Conditions, are equivalent to three times the amount of a single ticket on Cercanías (Commuter) services for the maximum zoned route in each hub and twice the amount of a single ticket on Regional services for the maximum route.

In hubs that are fully or partially included in Transport Consortia, the applicable fee will be the one established in the Consortium in question.

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