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In all AVE, Long Distance, Avant, Conventional Mid-Distance, Cercanías and Feve services, luggage refers to any handheld item containing garments and personal or professional effects carried by passengers that neither contravenes the safety and security provisions established by law and regulations, or represents a hazard or disturbance for other passengers, luggage or railway rolling stock.

The passenger alone is liable for the luggage and should guarantee that it does not move from the established location throughout the journey.

Renfe Viajeros will not be liable for any incidents, theft, lost luggage or damages caused by improper placement or unsuitable contents, unless responsibility can be attributed to it.

Hand Luggage

Luggage that, because of its dimensions and characteristics, may be carried by each passenger.

A passenger may carry up to 3 items so long as the total weight of all three items does not surpass 25 kg. Likewise, the sum of their dimensions may not exceed 290 cm, and the largest item may not exceed 85 x 55 x 35 cm (height x width x length).

This group comprises:

  • Suitcases, handbags, rucksacks, laptop bags and similar.
  • Baby seats and pushchairs must always be folded away.
  • Musical instruments that, when carried in their case, are no larger than 30 x 120 x 38 cm (width-length-height)
  • Folded or disassembled bicycles in a case no larger than 180 cm are allowed on AVE, Larga Distancia (Long Distance) and Avant services. Folded bikes can travel without a cover on Media Distancia Convencional (Conventional Mid-Distance), Cercanías (Commuter) and Feve trains.

Special Luggage

Luggage that, because of its special dimensions or other limitations, cannot be considered as “hand luggage” and is therefore subject to specific conditions for each type.

Only one special luggage may be transported per passenger.

The passenger carrying special luggage may only carry on one hand luggage item that may not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm (width-height-length).

One passenger may carry one golf bag or skiing equipment as special luggage. Passengers with special luggage must also bear the following conditions in mind:

  • Golf bags and skiing equipment must be perfectly sealed to prevent the elements inside them from moving or shifting.
  • Skiing equipment must travel inside the corresponding containers.
  • Bicycles.

Transporting Firearms and Hazardous Objects

General Terms and Conditions

Unpermitted objects:

  • Firearms when the passenger does not have the pertinent licence and certificate of ownership.
  • Cartridges, except when carried in loaders by members of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and holders of B licences.
  • Swords, daggers, switchblade and any other sort of knife, blade or weapon.
  • Puncturing objects or items with blunt or sharp edges, or any other item that could be particularly dangerous to the physical integrity of people.
  • Explosives, flammable, chemical or toxic substances.
  • Paint guns.

Hazardous Object Access Control Rules

  • Firearms carried by private passengers. The passenger must carry the licence and certificate of ownership.
  • Firearms carried by law by authorised personnel. Certified as such personnel by a badge or professional ID.
  • Bladed weapons, historic and other weapons. Sabres, machetes, historic arms or other weapons forming part of the regulatory equipment of the Military or Law Enforcement will be admitted in the security control.
  • Sporting weapons. Passengers carrying weapons used in sports may pass them through the security control so long as they are duly packed and with the documentation verifying registered participation in that sport.
  • Work instruments. Work tools and instruments that cut, puncture or are blunt may be transported duly packed, so long as the passengers carrying them can certify their profession.
  • Ammunition. Ammunition may not be transported as established under Spanish Royal Decree 230/1998 Art. 239-3, except:
    • Side arms, ammunition in the loader, personnel holding a B licence.
    • Firearms, ammunition in loaders, authorised personnel. This personnel must be identified as such.

Transporting Ammunition

Article 167.2 of Spanish Royal Decree 989/2015 of 30 October, which approved the Regulations on pyrotechnic articles and ammunition, states that private passengers may not transport ammunition in public transport (trains, buses, ...)

Rodalies de Catalunya

The entry and marketing conditions for these trains are set by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Therefore, the rules set out on this page do not apply for these trains.

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