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Lost and Found

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Renfe Operadora will look after any belongings that passengers have forgotten, lost or abandoned and any objects for which the origin is unknown that are found in trains, on platforms or other Renfe Operadora facilities from fifteen days to two months. A special log will be kept, stating the object reference number and main characteristics and the day and place on/in which they were found, for the purpose for which they should be used in accordance with current legislation, or otherwise they will be auctioned to the public.

If before the auction takes place the owner requests his/her belongings, they will be handed over provided that proof is shown and the necessary fees are paid, including transport to a different place to where they were found.

In Stations and AVE, Long Distance, Avant and Conventional Mid-Distance trains

There are Lost and Found Offices at different stations that you can contact by e-mail at:

On Cercanías (Commuter)

You can call Lost and Found for the different Cercanías hubs:

  • Asturias: 985 981 267.
  • Barcelona: 900 410 041.
  • Bilbao: 944 879 460.
  • Cadiz: 856 170 290.
  • Madrid: 915 066 969
  • Malaga: 952 128 079.
  • Murcia / Alicante: 968 975 299.
  • San Sebastián: 943 649 787.
  • Santander: 942 018 219.
  • Seville: 954 485 672.
  • Valencia : 963 357 400.
  • Zaragoza: 976 764 648.

In Metric Gauge (Feve)

If you lose something at our facilities, please contact the nearest Customer Service Centre or head station personnel as soon as possible.

In both cases, they will ask you for a brief description of the lost object and your contact data.

You can also make your request with the form established for lost objects address to Metric Gauge Customer Service (Feve). In this case, we will look for your lost object and contact you if we find it. When you come to pick up your object, you will need to present valid identification and sign a record of handover.

Lost and Found Telephone Numbers for Metric Gauging (Renfe-Feve):

Autonomous RegionTelephone numberOpening datesService Times
Cantabria 942209584 Workdays from Monday to Friday 08-00 to 14-00
Bizkaia 944250629 Workdays from Monday to Friday 08-00 to 14-00
Castile-Leon 987876514 Workdays from Monday to Friday 08-00 to 14-00
Asturias 985981704 Workdays from Monday to Friday 08-00 to 14-00
Galicia 981370529 Workdays from Monday to Friday 08-00 to 14-00

Trains travelling to France

Renfe-SNCF in cooperation

International Destinations: Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon

  • Search for information on the website Gares & Conexions, selecting the corresponding station and then "Services" under the "Station Services" section.

National Destinations

Trains travelling to Portugal

Trains: Lusitania / Surex

Lisboa Santa Apolonia Station

Calls from:

  • Spain: (00) 351 218 545 212
  • Portugal: 808 208 208

Lisboa Santa Apolonia Station, Door No. 50, in the Customer Service Office.

National Destinations

Celta train

Oporto Station

Calls from:

  • Spain: (00) 351 218 545 212
  • Portugal: 808 208 208

Vigo Station

Additional information