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Mobile ticket

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If you have a mobile telephone with an Internet connection and also buy your AVE, Long Distance or Avant tickets through this channel, you can now carry your ticket on your mobile and skip printing it on paper.

You can use it for access to the Club Lounge, access control, check-in, etc.

How to get your ticket

Imagen de la pantalla que aparecerá en la venta

After purchasing your ticket and requesting the Mobile Ticket SMS, you will receive an informative SMS with your travel information (date, departure time, origin-destination, train number, car number, seat, ticket number, localiser (in parenthesis), a welcome message, a link to the ticket) and a link that will allow you to view the ticket.

25JUL07:30 PTA.ATOCHA-BARN.SANTS AVE03073 3 07A 7967900250440(HF5K5F). RENFE wishes you a pleasant trip.

The link will display the image that gives you access to the train; you simply have to show it at check-in. Remember that you must have an Internet connection.

Imagen del billete en el móvil

Your travel details, which represent the official travel ticket, appear underneath the image.

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