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Luggage and Pets

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For each train+flight combo ticket, you are allowed to bring hand luggage and any luggage or special baggage for check-in the applicable airfare conditions allow, as long as the luggage for your train journey meets the following requirements:

  • maximum three items.
  • total weight and dimensions do not exceed 64 kg and 316 cm (length+width+height), respectively.
  • no item weighs more than 23 kg.
  • the longest dimension (length, width or height) of each item may not exceed 100 cm.

Please consult Iberia regarding allowable types, price, size and weight of luggage, as well as the laws of the countries of origin and destination for the journey for all information related to airline luggage restrictions.

Special Baggage

You may only transport one item of special baggage and one bag as "hand luggage" that does not exceed 55x35x25 cm (height-width-depth):

The following types of special baggage are allowed:

  • Folded or dismantled bicycles.
  • Musical instruments that can be stowed in the spaces designated for luggage.
  • Sports equipment:
    • Golf bags.
    • Ski equipment.

Both golf and ski equipment must be transported inside their bags, which must be properly closed so that the articles inside cannot move or shift.


The train+flight combo product does not allow transport of pets.

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