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Train+Flight Combo Ticket

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To travel with your Train+Flight Combo Ticket, you must first obtain your reservation code:

  • Train ticket.
  • Airline boarding pass.

The Commuter Trains ticket can be obtained at the ticket window or the self-service machines in the stations using your train ticket.

How do I obtain my boarding pass and train tickets?

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Flight travel: you can obtain your boarding pass at, Serviberia, and

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Train travel: The ticket for the train journey can be obtained at,, and You can also obtain it from the self-service machines in the stations on the day you travel.

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To board the trains on the C-1 line at the Madrid Hub to travel between the Puerta de Atocha or Chamartín stations and the Aeropuerto T4 station, you must obtain a Commuter Trains ticket at a ticket window or self-service machine by entering the localiser code that appears under the "CombinadoCercanías" heading on your train ticket.

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