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The fares depend on the class chosen, advance purchase, sales channel, travel time and season (high, low, etc.). The fares are as follows:

  • Flexible (adult and child).
  • Standard (adult and child).
  • Promo (adult and child).

The Large Family discount is not available with these fares.

These fares include the transfer segment of the journey by commuter train between the Atocha or Chamartín stations and the Aeropuerto T4 station.


In all cases, children must have their own tickets regardless of age.

The service for unaccompanied minors is not available for either the train or flight journey.

From 0 up to <2 years of age (date of travel before second birthday).

  • Free of charge if no seat is occupied.
  • If a seat is occupied, the fare is the same as for children 2 years of age or older (date of travel on or after second birthday).

From 2 to 11 years of age:

  • These children occupy a seat.
  • There is a discount available for this age group according to the conditions of the particular flight.

Before purchasing your tickets, consult Iberia regarding the rules and documentation necessary for your journey's countries of origin and destination.

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