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What is Train + Flight?

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What is Train + Flight?

We offer you five Renfe destinations in Spain on Iberia's intercontinental network through Madrid (Atocha or Chamartín)..

Now you can travel by train from/to Zaragoza, Valladolid, Seville, Córdoba and Málaga to connect to Iberia flights.

  • You can purchase your train+flight combo ticket at:,, Serviberia, or through your travel agent.

  • When you make your purchase, you receive a single combo ticket (combining three documents).
    1. Passenger information. Name, identification document number, ticket number, reservation code...
    2. Train and flight ticket information.
    3. Statement of travel conditions.
  • • In order to use each means of travel, you must complete the booking process to obtain your:
    • Flight boarding pass.
    • Intercity train ticket.
    • Commuter line train ticket.

  • The trains arrive/depart to/from the Atocha or Chamartín train stations; transportation between the station and the airport is on Commuter Trains (line C1) using the ticket we provide you with.

  • The minimum connection time is three hours to give you enough time to connect between train-flight and vice versa.

Transfer between the train station and the airport in Madrid

The link between the Atocha/Chamartín stations and the Aeropuerto T4 station is through the services of the C-1 line from the Madrid Commuter Trains Hub, following issuance of a Commuter Trains Combo ticket.

Imagen de la Línea C-1. Atocha-Chamartín-Aeropuerto T4

At the stations, a special "Airport Lane" for travellers going to the Aeropuerto T4 station will be marked visually by vinyl indications on the station floor.

Atocha Station

Atocha Station

Chamartín Station

Chamartín Station