Do I need to purchase a ticket to hire the service?

Yes, to hire the Equipajes Puerta a Puerta (Door-to-Door Luggage) service it is necessary to have a valid ticket for AVE (high-speed) and/or Larga Distancia (Long Distance) trains. This is the case for tickets purchased on any Renfe channel.

Does the pick-up and drop-off point have to be the same as the train's place of departure and arrival?

The luggage drop-off and pick-up point must be one of the cities/towns in the province of origin and destination of the train or any adjoining province.

For example, if the origin of the train is Madrid Puerta de Atocha, it will be accepted at the drop-off points of any city/town of the province of Madrid, as well as the provinces of Segovia, Avila, Toledo, Cuenca and Guadalajara.

Where can you come to pick up/deliver my luggage?

We will pick up your luggage at the postal address you indicate. In addition, you can also deliver and/or collect your luggage from a Post Office.

Can I hire the service at the station?

No, the service can only be hired from the website.

Can I receive a discount with my Renfe loyalty card?

There may be special promotions that allow you to receive discounts on the service; these will be published on the website.

What kind of luggage can I bring?

You can carry up to 3 pieces of luggage per train ticket, with the same departure and arrival. These include normal luggage (bags, handbags, rucksacks, computer carrier cases and the like) and special luggage (skis, golf clubs, pushchairs and bicycles, provided they are properly packed). Properly packaged wheelchairs will also be accepted as luggage.

The characteristics that each piece of luggage must meet are:

  • Maximum weight: 25 kg.
  • Sum of height, width and depth: maximum 250 cm.
  • Maximum height: 150 cm. In the case of skis, they may exceed 150 cm. Maximum width: 70 cm. Maximum depth: 50 cm, the sum of all dimensions not exceeding 250 cm in any case.

Can I transport fragile goods?

The employee collecting the luggage will check the condition and packaging method of the same, rejecting any luggage considered to be fragile, improperly packaged or which cannot be identified during transport, and may, where appropriate, record the possible reservations upon admission on the delivery note.

Can I change the destination of my luggage once it is en route?

No, the change of destination can be made until 12h on the working prior to the date of luggage collection. In any case, you can call 900 400 004 for any other additional information.

What is the limit to cancel the service?

You can cancel the service, provided that they have not collected your luggage, until 12 hours of the working day before the date of collection of your luggage.

When will my luggage be delivered to me?

Your luggage will be delivered to you within 1 to 3 days from the date of collection, depending on the destination. At the time of hiring the service, you will be informed of the corresponding dates.

Your luggage will be delivered to you within 1 to 3 days from the date of collection, depending on the destination. At the time of hiring the service, you will be informed of the corresponding dates.

Can I choose the pick-up and drop-off time?

Luggage will be collected/delivered from Monday to Friday; you can choose morning time or afternoon hours. In the most major cities and towns, delivery and collection will also be available on Saturday mornings. Luggage drop-off/pick-up at the Correos Post Office is only accepted during its normal opening hours.

What documentation should I provide when they pick up my luggage?

At home, it is not necessary to show your documents, simply sign the collection slip that will be provided by the postman, which will indicate the name and ID of the recipient.

If you bring your luggage to your nearest Correos Post Office, you must provide the Shipping Reference number on the service purchase slip (Simplified Invoice). Simply show the receipt or provide the number to Correos' staff.

What documentation do I need to provide for my luggage to be delivered to me?

When Correos delivers the luggage to your home, the ID card of the person to which the luggage is delivered may be required. In this case, the luggage can be delivered to a person other than the recipient.

If the luggage is delivered to a Correos post office, the person collecting the luggage must provide ID.

Can someone else pick up the luggage for me?

Yes, at your home. To have someone else pick up your luggage from a Correos Post Office, they must present a photocopy of the original recipient's ID, original ID of the authorised person and the signed notice of arrival of luggage.

What can I do if my luggage is not picked up/delivered?

Please contact the Correos Post Office on the Customer service and information number: 900 400 004. Have your luggage shipping reference number at hand.

What if I am not at the address provided when they come to deliver my luggage?

If the luggage cannot be delivered to the recipient because the recipient is absent at the point of delivery, after two attempts to deliver, the shipment will remain at the Correos Post Office associated with the delivery address for 15 calendar days, where it can be picked up by the recipient or duly authorised person.

Can the luggage collection address and the sender's address of the luggage be different?

Yes, at the time of hiring the service, you can select the options "Same address as the collection address" or "Other" options in the "Sender address" field. This function is intended for specific cases, for example, the luggage collection address is a hotel but you want to give another postal address where the luggage will be delivered when it could not be delivered to the recipient or due to any other type of incident.

Where can I check the information about my available luggage services?

If you are registered as a user on the website, you can access the history of all your services in the "Mis equipajes (My Luggage)" section. When you access this page, the last ten Equipajes Puerta a Puerta (Door-to-Door Luggage) services you have requested will be displayed. You can also check or cancel any active luggage service and search for specific services through a search engine.

Where can I make a a complaint in case of damaged luggage or loss of luggage?

For any arrangement related to the luggage transport service, please contact Correos at 900 400 004, via the Correos or at any Correos Post Office.

Where can I request a copy of the service bill?

To request the service bill, call us at 902 090 121

What are the luggage delivery/collection conditions at Adolfo Suárez Madrid Airport –Barajas (T4)?

Luggage collection and drop-off times in Barajas T4 are Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Luggage delivered by the passenger at the Adolfo Suárez Airport T4, floor 0 (arrivals area)

  • The period during which this service can be hired will be from the ticket purchase date to the date of departure of the train, in this way, the date of luggage collection in Barajas T4 can be the same as the date of travel by train.
    Luggage collected by the passenger at the Adolfo Suárez Airport T4, floor 0 (arrivals area)
  • This service can be hired from the ticket purchase date to 12h of the day before the luggage is collected.
  • Luggage can be collected until the day before the date of travel