Arrival: el propio viaje

El placer del viaje


Trains are a silent witness to all kinds of stories, scenes of joy and sadness, infatuations and breakups, encounters and farewells; a very special place that is everywhere and nowhere, because it is always on the move, constantly changing.

What an experience

The journey itself is also pure magic, because on the train minutes and hours pass differently.

A time during which you can do what you want: chat, play with your children, have a pending conversation, etc. but you can also read the newspaper, watch your favourite series without anyone interrupting you or just plan what you'll do when you get to your destination.

You can also choose to spend your time as you please, doing nothing but relaxing, being silent or sleeping. With no rush. You have total freedom.

A moment to enjoy

Because you're the boss on the train and you choose what to do.

Fancy enjoying the company of other passengers and sharing the journey with them? Escape to the buffet car, have something to drink or eat and have a few laughs. Do you prefer to enjoy a relaxed and noise-free trip? The Silent Carriage is the pace for you, a special carried where mobile phones are not allowed, you must speak in a low voice avoiding long conversations, in which the intensity of the lighting and P.A. system volume are dimmed, and the temperature is always perfect.

Whatever your choice, the train gives you what you need, welcomes you and looks after you.

Let yourself go

The reasons for the trip can also be very diverse. Some people travel for business. Simply for pleasure. To see their loved ones. To disconnect. To discover new places. How about you? Why do you travel?

Perhaps you feel the urgent need to get away; a change of scene, see new faces and different landscapes. You may want to meet someone again... or simply go on a journey of self-discovery. Whatever your story, the time has come to go wherever you want, although, in reality, the destination is what matters the least.

Sit comfortably and relax. You will see incredible landscapes through your window: fields, mountains, valleys, forests, the sea... You didn't remember the feeling of having no obligations anymore, did you? You carry with you that book you love so much and your favourite music on your mobile phone. Finally, time for you. You have nothing else to do but enjoy the journey. Because, sometimes, the destination you crave so much is the journey itself.

Save the moment for posterity. You and your journey, your landscape and your train. Share it