Freedom, sun and cinema



Land of sun and sea, Almería is your destination if you are passionate about the beach. Also celebrated for its cinematic history – from westerns to Game of Thrones, through Conan the Barbarian or Indiana Jones – it has been the scene for many blockbusters. But you already know this, don't you? That's why we propose you discover Almeríaa from a different and totally irresistible perspective. Join us!


We start our route searching for iron architecture, a style that represents the nineteenth century like no other and which is heavily present in the city.

Perhaps its best example is the Old Station, with its windows and elegant French style, although we must not lose sight of the Central Market, a place that deserves a visit for many reasons. First, to admire its careful design (which conquered historical characters of the likes of Marie Curie), but also because it offers products from the region that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as "ojo de perdiz" (partridge-eye) potatoes or gurullos pasta.

A tip: you will find a family-run bar at the market, where they will cook any product you have bought at the shops. A true luxury.


Two other architectural icons of the city are the Butterfly House and the famous English Cable.

The first is a beautiful bourgeois palace that was once considered the most prestigious manor house in the city. Walk up to the rooftop terrace to take a closer look at its huge iron butterflies and admire the breath-taking views of the entire city.

The English Cable was the ore cargo facility built in the early twentieth century at Almadrabillas beach, currently a very special place to walk and see wonderful sunsets.

Surprise yourself

And when it starts getting hot, the only way to cool down is to visit two underground engineering works that marked a milestone in the city's history.
First, the water reservoirs of Jairán, which will transport you to the Arabic Almería, with its brick naves and its caliphate arches, structures that were once used to supply water to the city.

We skip a few centuries forward and reach the Civil War, with the city's underground shelters: 4 kilometres of tunnels that saved the people of Almería from the 750 bombs that fell during the war. A fascinating journey back in time.