What to see in Almeria: where the sea meets the desert


What comes to mind when you think of Almeria? Probably the desert and the region's beaches. In truth, Almeria is a land of contrasts: virgin beaches, Arab villages, clifftops and, of course, its stunning desert. The residents of this province have a lot to brag about.

Ready to discover one of the most beautiful corners in southern Spain? Read on and jot down all the things you have to see in Almeria!

Discovering the city of Almeria

The city of Almeria has occupied an important place in the history of Andalusia and Spain on account of its heritage and culture. This small and welcoming city surprises visitors given the variety of attractions on offer. Here are the 5 essentials that you simply must visit in Almeria:

  • La Rambla de Almería: also known as Avenida Federico García Lorca. La Rambla is the busiest part of the city, spanning two kilometres in length from the
    northern part of the city to the port of Almeria and the Cable Inglés.
  • Catedral de la Encarnación de Almería: nestled in the city's old quarter, this Gothic-style cathedral was built for both religious and defensive purposes. Cathedral square offers a view of the façade with palm trees that you simply cannot miss!
  • La Muralla de Jayrán: these are the remains of the wall that was originally erected to protect the city and that surrounded it for decades. Make sure you don't miss it!
  • Plaza de la Constitución: this square is home to both Almeria Town Hall and the Royal Monastery of La Encarnación. This is one of the liveliest areas in Almeria, the perfect place to kick back with a drink in one of its many bars.
  • La Alcazaba: this is the largest construction left standing that dates back to the Muslim era in Almeria. Over time, it has become a symbol of the city that you cannot miss. You will be surprised by just how well preserved it is and feel like a child when you walk through it.

Province of Almeria: awaken all your senses

Going beyond its capital, Almeria is beautiful province bursting with hidden corners to get to know and explore. The region is home to some of the most beautiful villages in Spain, as well as impressive beaches that are definitely worth a visit.

  • Beaches in Almeria: the city has known how to carve out a position for itself as a place that is home to historical heritage as well as for beach lovers. Its crystal clear waters and long sandy beaches make the coasts of Almeria some of the best in Spain. Fancy a dip? Discover Almeria's incredible beaches including Playa de Mónsul or Playa de Los Muertos, to name just a couple!
  • Mojácar: in 2003, this town was named the most beautiful town in Spain, a well-deserved honour! Mojácar is home to a historic centre that is well worth a visit, as well as beautiful beaches. A few of the most idyllic places that you simply cannot miss in Mojacar are Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Plaza del
    Parterre, Puerta de la Ciudad or the El Arrabal neighbourhood.
  • Níjar: The fourth most populated town in the province, nestled in Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Make sure not to miss out on its dunes and beaches overlooked by the completely whitewashed village. What more could you ask for?

Tabernas Desert: what to do and see

Any trip to Almeria wouldn't be complete without a visit to Tabernas desert. Almeria is much more than just its desert, as you can see in the list of must-see stops in and around Almeria. Nevertheless, the desert is a very important part of this province, having served as the setting for many Hollywood films (approximately 300). So, what is there for you to see in Tabernas desert? Join us!

  • Visit Tabernas itself: one of the driest towns in Europe. Here, visitors can discover the Arab castle perched on a hilltop next to the village, offering spectacular views.
  • American Westerns: villages that served as the backdrop to the famous cowboy films that we all remember. These places are perfect for a family day out and are great fun for kids! One of these towns is Oasys Mini Hollywood, which offers live shows and is home to a zoological reserve and themed events taking visitors back to the wild west, with westerns recreating the action of the time.
  • Wildlife and plant life: although located in a dry environment, Tabernas desert is home to many animals and plants that have been able to adapt to the ecosystem. In particular, birds are particularly abundant, although you can also find mammals, amphibians and reptiles.

How to travel to Almeria with Renfe

So, what convinced you? Its beaches? The desert? Its beautiful villages? Whatever the main attraction might be for you, Almeria is well worth a visit. To make your trip as comfortable as possible, at Renfe we offer you the most competitive prices, meaning you can travel to Almeria in the fastest and most sustainable way. Book your tickets now and make sure not to miss out on this wonderful experience!