Discover what to see and do in Antequera

Not sure what there is to see in Antequera? No need to worry! Let Renfe tell you about everything you need to know about this city that dates back to Roman times. We're sure you'll be wanting to book your tickets by the time you finish reading. Shall we?

What to see in Antequera

  • Archaeological remains. One of the treasures of this city are its archaeological sites. Enjoy a walk around the Dolmen de la Cueva de Menga, the Dolmen de Viera and the Dolmen de El Romeral, which date back 5500 years.
  • Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Carmen. Initially constructed as a convent for the Discalced Carmelites, its baroque interior decor will leave you speechless. What's more, as you head out, you cannot miss its viewpoint that offers views over the white architecture with red roofs for which Antequera is known.
  • Collegiate Church of Santa María. Another essential stop-off point in Antequera is this National Monument and the first Renaissance-style church in Andalusia. Its façade is made entirely of stone, while its interior will surprise you on account of its Ionic columns.
  • The Alcazaba. Granted Cultural Interest status, this fortification was constructed during the Muslim era. Worth particular note is the Torre del Homenaje, one of the most important in Andalusia and popularly known as Reloj de Papabellotas.
  • Mirador de las Almenillas. Located at the foot of the Alcazaba, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Antequera. Enjoy impressive views over the city, you won't regret it!
  • Palaces and stately homes. Antequera has several palaces that demonstrate the power of Antequera families from centuries past. Examples can be seen in Palacio de los Marquises de Villadarias, Casa del Conde de Pinofiel and Casa de los Colarte. 

What to do in Antequera

Apart from enjoying all the wonderful buildings that this city is home to, if you're a nature lover, then you're in luck! The city of Antequera is home to a unique natural treasure, El Torcal de Antequera, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you are a fan of outdoor sports, this natural setting is home to great hiking trails. Discover everything there is to know about El Torcal!

While you are discovering the city, you will need to keep your energy levels up. Antequera's gastronomy is natural and healthy, the secret is the olive oil produced locally. The city's star dish is porra, a cold soup made from tomato and bread. Ready to give it a try?

If you have a sweet tooth, then you can't leave Antequera without trying its bienmesabe antequerano, a cake consisting of several layers of ingredients including almonds, angel-hair jam and sponge cakes.  

How to get to Antequera by train

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