Cadiz in its purest form


What comes to mind when you think of Cadiz? Probably things like its extensive beaches, the famous Cádiz carnival or the good nature of its locals. Well, there is much more to Cadiz than that.

Cadiz has countless plans and places to see and visit, accompanied by good weather and locals who welcome visitors with the irony and good humour they are known for. Not sure what to see in Cadiz? Get ready to take a tour of the oldest city in the West!

What to see in Cádiz

  • Cádiz Cathedral is a must-see on your trip to the city. You will be blown away by its dome full of golden tiles that shines on sunny days. Climb the Clock Tower to enjoy wonderful views of the city and the cathedral itself. 
  • Torre de Tavira. This tower is located 45 m above sea level, meaning it offers the best views over Cádiz. Located in the historic centre of Cádiz, it offers picture-perfect views of the city.
  • El Pópulo neighbourhood. Get lost on its ancient streets and discover the jewels hiding away in Cádiz's oldest district. Sites such as the archaeological remains of the Roman Theatre can only be found if you get lost on its narrow streets.
  • The tree-lined Plaza Mina is home to the Archaeology and Fine Art Museum of Cadiz, which has interesting Phoenician exhibits, while Plaza de San Francisco is home to the church of the same name.

What to do in Cádiz

Between visits to places that will leave you speechless, Cadiz has a wide range of other plans that involve relaxing and immersing yourself in the city's culture in a truly local way.

  • If you are a fan of the beach, you have come to the right place. The extensive beaches in Cádiz will help you get away from it all and allow you to enjoy the lapping of the sea waves. Peace that only the sea can give! A couple of Cadiz's most famous are Playa Victoria and Playa de la Caleta. Can you think of any better way to end the day than a stroll on the beach?
  • If you go to Cádiz, you simply have to try its cuisine. Who could resist a plate of its typical fried fish? There are countless bars and restaurants where you can sample the wonderful local gastronomy. Mercado de Abastos undoubtedly comes a highly recommended to really enjoy the atmosphere and gastronomy of Cádiz to the maximum.
  • Furthermore, in the surroundings of Cádiz, there are villages bursting with local charm. For example, El Puerto de Santa María, which is just 20 km from Cádiz. Or if you are a true beach lover, then visit Zahara de los Atunes, located 70 km from Cádiz and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. 

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There is something magical about San Fernando. Enjoy getting lost in its streets, the same streets that Camarón walked and that are steeped in history.