Artistic and lively

The town of Figueres is located near the French border and in the province of Girona, between the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. This unique city has much to offer to its visitors. If you have never travelled to Figueres, plan your next train trip to visit this incredible town.

The city's historic and monument heritage is truly amazing. Its historic district is surrounded by the remains of the old medieval wall. Moreover, visitors will also be able to discover some areas that date back to this era, such as the Town Council Square, remodelled in a neoclassical style, or the Carrer Magre, where the old Jewish quarters were found. There are different religious buildings of great artistic value, such as the Church of Sant Pere, Chapel of Sant Sebastià or the  Capuchin Convent.

La Rambla is the city's main road and deserves a good stroll. This lively commercial street concentrates the main modernist and neoclassical buildings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Most of them were built by the local bourgeoisie of the time. A few examples are Casa Cusí, Casa Puig-Sole, Casa Bonaterra or Casa del Cafè Progrés. You will be speechless!

You can't miss it

Visitors will find Castell de Sant Ferran (Sant Ferran Castle) on the outskirts of Figueres, towering over the city. This fortress was built in the eighteenth century and is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. You can't miss it!

The castle is an international benchmark, mainly because of its impressive dimensions, with a perimeter that is more than three kilometres long, for the modern techniques used to build it and also because of its almost perfect state of preservation. Visitors can take different tours and discover the inside and outside of the castle, as well as its underground spaces. Discover the secrets of Sant Ferran Castle!

Want to know more?

Figueres is also known for being the birthplace of a world-renowned genius, Salvador Dalí. There are traces of Dalí across the entire city that saw him grow up and served as inspiration. Join one of the tours that visit these places and learn more about the Catalan artist's life.

The Dalí Theatre - Museum is a must-see place. Built on the old Municipal Theatre, it was designed by Salvador Dalí and has become one of the city's landmarks. The museum hosts a permanent exhibition on the life and work of the surrealist artist. The building was expanded with the Galatea Tower, also designed by Dalí and dedicated to Gala, his wife and muse.

Give yourself a treat

Figueres' market is the best place to check out the quality of its local products. The market is filled with colours and smells and it is the best place to discover Figueres' traditional and local food.

Figueres' gastronomy is based on local products, sourced from the Mediterranean sea and from its local farms, turning its dishes into good examples of the Mediterranean diet. In addition, the province is known for its avant-garde cuisine and is an international benchmark. Its excellent wines have their own Denomination of Origin (Ampurdán-Costa Brava), making Figueres the perfect destination for wine lovers.

How to get to Figueres by train?

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