Andalusian heritage and much more


As soon as you step foot in Granada , you can sense an unmistakable Arabic aroma in the air. This city is home to World Heritage jewels including the Alhambra, which overlooks the entire city. Every nook and cranny in Granada hides secrets that will make you fall in love with the city's Andalusian heritage. 

Sometimes, when thinking about Granada, the Alhambra immediately comes to mind; and although this monument is impressive, the city has much more to offer than the Alhambra. Read on to find out more! 

What to see in Granada

The Alhambra is, obviously, a must-see in Granada (although it is not alone). The beauty, peace and harmony that each of its rooms transmits is bound to leave you speechless. The Alhambra is not only packed with gardens, streams and geometric details, it was also a citadel of the Nasrid Kingdom. Take in every last detail as you stroll through one of the most magical places in the world.

Get caught up in it all in the narrow streets of the Albaicín neighbourhood, the oldest in Granada. Taking a stroll through this neighbourhood's alleys and you will see the majestic Alhambra sneak onto the horizon. Visit some of the most famous viewpoints offering the best views over the city, such as the San Nicolás viewpoint. Prepare to be amazed!

On your stroll through the Albaicín, make sure to visit the Sacromonte, one of the neighbourhoods that forms part of this district. Here, you'll find a mixture of Arab, gypsy and Jewish cultures that make for a unique experience.

The historic centre of Granada is home to unmissable monuments including the Cathedral, at the heart of the city. Walking a little further you'll find other jewels, like the Royal Chapel, the pantheon of the monarchs and the Monastery of San Jerónimo - a top-flight Renaissance jewel. 

What to do in Granada 

Apart from visiting places bursting with beauty and majesty, Granada is a city that has a wide range of options on offer: 

If you are looking for adventure and to get away into the mountains, Sierra Nevada, home to the ski resort that boasts the longest season in Spain, is just 32 km from the city.

If you are somebody who can't get a real feel for a place without sampling its gastronomy, you're in luck! Granada is famous for its bars that give a free tapa with each drink ordered. Free food? That's just how they do it in Granada! 

Exhausted after visiting all these monuments and looking for some downtime? We know just the place! Just a 30-minute car ride away is the Costa Tropical, renowned for its sunsets and peace and quiet.

How to get to Granada by train

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