Holy Week in Granada: Devotion from the Albaicín to the Alhambra

Wondering why to visit Granada in Holy Week? Granada is one of the most popular places to celebrate Holy Week in Spain, with its 32 brotherhoods, 2000 costaleros (or people who carry the floats) and 58 floats that take in the beautiful, narrow and cobbled streets of the Albaicín neighbourhood. Make sure not to miss this occasion, declared an International Tourist Attraction!

The most important days during Holy Week in Granada

During the 8 days of Holy Week in Granada, the streets of the city reverberate passion, emotion and beauty. There is such splendour on display that you do not have to be a believer to appreciate everything that this week in Granada has to offer. A few of the most important days and processions that you cannot miss are:

  • Palm Sunday: This is the day that kicks off Holy Week and when you can see four brotherhoods taking to the streets of Granada. The most important procession is the "Borriquilla".
  • Holy Wednesday: the procession of "Los Gitanos" that takes in the neighbourhood of Sacromonte is one you cannot miss if you want to test your five senses. What's more, on Holy Wednesday you can also enjoy one of the most beautiful processions of Holy Week in Granada, the Cristo del Consuelo and María Santísima del Sacromonte.
  • Maundy Thursday: one of the most important days of Holy Week in Granada. The processions parade their floats through the beautiful streets of the Albaicín.
  • The "Madrugá": in the early hours Friday morning, the procession of Silence takes to the streets of Granada, respected by a sepulchral silence.

Tips for enjoying Holy Week in Granada

Generally speaking, the processions begin and end their routes in the same place, meaning large crowds gather to see the brotherhoods depart and arrive. If you don't like to get caught up in such big crowds, we recommend that you skip this moment and see the processions in more spacious places, such as the avenues.

Speaking of departures and arrivals (or "encierros"), there are some unmissable "encierros" (when the procession arrives back at the church) at night. Spectators live the moment with great passion and an overwhelming silence descends upon the streets until the moment the procession is fully inside. How could you miss out on the moonlight illuminating such an emotional moment?

Most processions depart their home church in the afternoon, meaning you can take advantage of the morning to sightsee and see the the must-see attractions in Granada.

At this time of the year, the city's terraces are full to bursting and there is a great atmosphere everywhere. We recommend that as a break from seeing processions, you head to a typical bar in Granada and sample its delicious Holy Week food. Not sure what food is typical in Granada at Easter? Let us tell you all about it!

What to eat and drink in Granada during Holy Week

Holy Week in Granada is spectacular and definitely worth seeing, but beware! You mustn't forget that this city has much more to offer. Over the course of this week, the city's terraces are packed with people who take the opportunity to take a break and have a wine, or two!

Make sure not to miss the famous cod skewer, especially during Lent as part of the tradition of avoiding eating meat during this week. Torrijas are a traditional Holy Week dessert in Granada that you absolutely must try to fully immerse yourself in Granada's culture.


Other plans during Holy Week in Granada

Visiting Granada during Holy Week does not mean all that there is to do is watch processions. Granada is a city that is home to countless monuments and places worth visiting if you want to make other plans during the week. A few of the plans waiting for you in Granada during Holy Week include:

  • Visit to the Alhambra: you cannot miss a visit to the Alhambra. Make sure to observe every last detail and enjoy the beauty, peace and harmony of this citadel.
  • Albaycín neighbourhood: the narrow streets of this Arab neighbourhood full of whitewashed houses will grab your attention while you get lost in its winding, sometimes dead-end streets.
  • Granada cathedral: a must-see if you decide to visit Granada. Its large façade and its altarpieces will impress you so much that you will never want to leave.
  • Sacromonte Caves Museum: if you enjoy nature and the great outdoors, this museum is located very close to the Alhambra. A natural environment with a beautiful landscape where you can get all the fresh air you need.

Are you really going to miss watching the processions parade under the watchful eye of the imposing Alhambra? Choose your and train, and hop on board to Granada!