Ordesa y Monte Perdido Natural Park: a natural spectacle

The spectacle of nature in its purest form: that is exactly what Ordesa y Monteperdido National Park is, an authentic treasure that is bound to surprise you. Ready to discover everything it has to offer?

Nestled in the province of Huesca, this magnificent national park encompasses the Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuaín and Pineta valleys and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Impressive, right? This protected natural area is located in the heart of the Pyrenees, meaning a natural spectacle is guaranteed.

Torla and Ordesa Valley

The town of Torla is the gateway to the Ordesa Valley and a mandatory stop if you are visiting Ordesa National Park. Here, you can enjoy traditional Pyrenean architecture, known for its stone facades, slate roofs and "scarecrow-witch" chimneys.

Hiking in the Ordesa Valley

If you are a fan of nature and hiking, this is your destination, as the park is the start of several different routes. Some of the most popular are:

  • Cola de Caballo: This medium-low difficulty excursion takes in the Ordesa Valley and is one of the most popular. And it is no wonder, as the trail takes in some of the park's main attractions, including rivers, waterfalls and the Monteperdido massif. The route starts in the flatland (where the bus stops) and takes you to the Cola de Caballo waterfall.
  • From Torla to the Ordesa flatlands: Another of the most popular routes in the park, running along the old road that joined Torla and Ordesa. This simple trail is used by many as an alternative to the road to get to this point from the village.
  • Senda de los Cazadores: If you are looking for a more demanding alternative, this trail starts and ends in the same place as the Cola de Caballo trail, but takes a path with a much more demanding slope. This also means the views during the trail are spectacular, with the views from the Calcilarruego viewpoint worth particular mention.

Monte Perdido

If there is one thing the whole park is known for, it is undoubtedly Monte Perdido. This giant overlooks the entire valley and is the highest limestone massif in Europe and third highest mountain in the Pyrenees, measuring an impressive 3,348 metres in height!

Any time of the year is good to visit this natural wonder, although the landscape is particularly spectacular during spring coinciding with the thaw. The waterfalls at this time of year are spectacular! It is also important to bear in mind the number of visitors in the summer months, since during this season, the car parks are usually regulated and capacity subject to greater control.

How to travel to Ordesa y Monteperdido National Park

Remember! If you are considering a visit to this area, you can travel to Huesca on one of our AVE and Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed) trains, and use this as a base for discovering everything that the Pyrenees have to offer. What are you waiting for? Get carried away with Renfe!